Master Computational and Applied Mathematics (CAM)

This degree programme is tailored to the current needs in applied mathematics and scientific computing. It is designed for students who appreciate to use rigorous mathematical analysis or scientific computing to predict phenomena or to optimize processes in the sciences or in engineering. Initially, the students acquire a firm grounding in mathematical modeling and applied analysis as well as in high performance computing. They learn to derive mathematical models and to reflect upon their properties and limitations. Starting from the second term, they are free to choose among a large variety of courses to specialize in two of the fields

  • Modeling and Applied Analysis (MApA),
  • Numerical Analysis and Simulation (NASi), 
  • Optimization (Opti).

The courses are taught in English. Thus the programme addresses students from all over the world who wish to acquire not only the mathematical knowledge, but also the cultural and communication skills needed for attractive employment options on the international level both in industry and in academia.

To respect possible interests or previous knowledge beyond mathematics or in other fields of mathematics, the students may also attend a certain number of modules chosen from the entire portfolio of FAU on the master level.

Starting in the winter term 2017/18, the master programme CAM replaces the master programme Technomathematik.

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Further information on CAM:

Detailed information about the programme, also in English, will come soon. For now, there is a Study Plan (in English) and Module Catalogue (in German) available. And there is a description of the programme on English version / German version
Änderungssatzung der Prüfungsordnung vom 27.02.2017 (from Technomathematik to CAM, in German)
Allg. Prüfungsordnung der mathem. Studiengänge vom 02.03.2017


Latest information for FAU students who want to join CAM /
Aktuelle Information für Studierende im Übergang in den Studiengang CAM:

Zusätzliches Studienangebot: Blockkurs Numerik partieller Differentialgleichungen, 09.-13. Okt.
Additional course offered: Block course Numerics of Partial Differential Equations, Oct 9-13

Application for CAM:

Read first: Some information on the application for Master's programmes at FAU
The 1st step of the application process uses

Application starts in May and deadline is July 15th.
The programme starts in October.

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Student advisor Computational and Applied Mathematics

Prof. Dr. Serge Kräutle